Red Hot Chili Peppers - The Zephyr Song

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Исполнитель: Red Hot Chili Peppers
Название mp3: The Zephyr Song
Длительность песни: 03:52
Добавили: 2015-05-25
Просмотров: 330

Текст песни

Can I get your hand to write on
Just a piece of leg to bite on
What a night to fly my kite on
Do you want to flash a light on
Take a look it's on display - for you
Coming down no not today

Did you meet your fortune teller
Get it off with no propellor
Do it up it's on with Stella
What a way to finally smell her
Pick it up its not to strong - for you
Take a piece and pass it on

Fly away on my zephyr
I feel it more then ever
And in this perfect weather

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