Rae Sremmurd - No Flex Zone

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Исполнитель: Rae Sremmurd
Название mp3: No Flex Zone
Длительность песни: 03:51
Добавили: 2015-12-12
Просмотров: 329

Текст песни

Hook: Swae Lee
No flex zone, No flex zone
They know better, they know better
No flex zone, No flex zone
They know better, they know better
Won a gold medal
And a gold bezel
I treat it so special
Now your ho jealous
Freak Hoes, got several
They tens or better
I'm a trendsetter
I'm a go-getter

Verse 1: Swae Lee
Swae Lee, Lee Swae, it's the same difference
H2O, Lean, same thing
Niggas throw up sets and gang bang
Free everybody in the chaingang
Been two days since I laid down
Kool Moe Dee five the chains on
Versace, them rings on it
Say my fucking name ho
Yea them diamonds so cool
Yea that old school mind fool
Never heard about you
All my hoes they so rude
Tats all on me nigga
Trill ass individual
Don't check I'm that nigga
Sit on my balmain zipper
I got a airtight schedule
Fuck your bitch, just met her
Pink slip, no rental
Got a L full of that killer
Beating on my chest like magilla
Nigga I am the gorilla of the village
Pack sound like heavy metal
Just killed the haters, god bless em

Hook: Swae Lee

Verse 2: Slim Jimmy
Young niggas got get to the money
Five chains so they look at me funny
Showed up with the juice and the troops
Roll a seven everytime I shoot
She said why you have so many condoms with you
I said I'm a player to be honest with you
Hublot, (Whoo!) so shiny
Mind you my crew right behind me
Went shopping, could've bought an island
Talking money when I'm with Italians
Spilling purple on the red carpet
And I'm flyer than a nigga on a hang glider
4-5-6-7 chains on
Just stay in your lane ho
Don't you like these A-wings?
Don't you like these gold fangs?
You a well known flexer
I'm a young trendsetter
These hoes they reckless
They slick, they messy
Three hoes freak dancing
On the loud, singing acapella
Chain clang like heavy metal
Slim killed the haters, god bless em

Hook: Swae Lee

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