Iwrestledabearonce - Full Discography

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Исполнитель: Iwrestledabearonce
Название mp3: Full Discography
Длительность песни: 02:05:34
Добавили: 2015-12-07
Просмотров: 296

Текст песни

1. Iwrestledabearonce (EP)
1.1 Ulrich Firelord: Breaker Of Mountains
1.2 Alaskan Flounder Basket
1.3 Vlork: Mighty Wielder Of Sheep
1.4 Still Jolly After All These Years
1.5 Corey Feldman Holocaust

2. It's All Happening
2.1 You Ain't No Family
2.2 White Water In The Morning
2.3 Danger In The Manger
2.4 I'm Cold And There Are Wolves After Me
2.5 Tastes Like Kevin Bacon
2.6 The Cat's Pajamas
2.7 Pazuzu For The Win
2.8 Black-Eyed Bush
2.9 Eli Cash Vs. The Godless Savages
2.10 See You In Shell

3. Uprising (Muse Cover)

4. Ruining It For Everybody
4.1 Next Visible Delicious
4.2 You Know That Ain't Them Dogs' Real Voices
4.3 Deodorant Can't Fix Ugly
4.4 This Head Music Makes My Eyes Rain
4.5 It Is "Bro" Isn't It?
4.6 Gold Jacket, Green Jacket
4.7 Break It Down Camacho
4.8 Stay To The Right
4.9 I'm Gonna Shoot
4.10 Karate Nipples
4.11 Button It Up

5. Late For Nothing
5.1 Thunder Chunky
5.2 Letters To Stallone
5.3 Snake Charmer
5.4 Boat Paddle
5.5 Firebees
5.6 Mind The Gap
5.7 Carnage Asada
5.8 The Map
5.9 That's A Horse Of A Different Color
5.10 I'd Buy That For A Dollar
5.11 Inside Job
5.12 It Don't Make Me No Nevermind


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