Honey Claws - Digital Animal OST "Во все тяжкие" 3 сезон

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Исполнитель: Honey Claws
Название mp3: Digital Animal (OST "Во все тяжкие" 3 сезон)
Длительность песни: 03:46
Добавили: 2015-12-03
Просмотров: 253

Текст песни

Digital Animal

Pay the fee don't let me get free
Some of us crawl in the knee i d
I speak and the birds open up their beaks
Fly fly from the side slow motion speak
Lose senses drop your britches and work
Hurt how I struck down a jerky nurse
Phony medical wrote from the game promote
From the night I stoked to the back and forth
Came a *** chillin' when their tunes released
Planetary domination or they get to sleep
For the weekend freak, smoke a blunt and eat
Pancake, dirty ***, Kerbey Lane on E
Honey Claws got the sauce for the junkie jerk
** ** hittin' bars so your body can work
I think I finally ** on the truth of this Earth
** the ground for my sound, bullshit it's the worst

Digital animal, freaky folks

*** a lie, lips get split like Gemini
Two hemispheres to my one pan fry
My business truncate nemesis
That keeps us free of skirmishes

Deep fuckin D-cup tournaments
Slow bustin thrustin murderous
Night life won't be back by 9
Finish up exchangin ride

*** ** tight, none of this is new to me
***, play the part, ****
*** ***, cept for the part pertaining to the talent
Your mother fucking money suckers chop em in a salad
Seal it with a pill and watch the prophecy drop
*** *** *** ***
*** *** *** ***
*** *** if you can't find it

Digital animal, freaky vox

Barely covered up, *** *** tiger
Drool down their lips, striped saber-toothed slimer
Triple-***, tipped-scale, dirty dogma
Puppy love, block, shaka trois menage
Ninja, ninja, *** *** *** *** ***
Now they fucking freak and bust the technique
These *** metal vests turn your bones to ashes
*** *** *** with the symbol on the package
*** the fascination larger ever than there ever was
Walls kicked over, *** the snap cameras
Gallagher, DDT, sledge-hammer family
Rapper with vicinity granting me the amnesty
I learned my lesson messin up my life is not the way
The record check the *** *** *** ***
Your *** ***, bass beats, the basic first beat
Is the combination known to defeat the beast and his

Digital animal, freaky vox


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