HardNox - Look At All These Girls

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Рейтинг: 0
Исполнитель: HardNox
Название mp3: Look At All These Girls
Длительность песни: 04:00
Добавили: 2017-04-30
Просмотров: 332

Текст песни

Look at all these girls/
They're so sexy all these girls/
I'm in love with all these girls/
it's more fun with all these girls/

(Verse 1)

I see the girls on the sunnyside girls on the beach/
I see the girls playin' volleyball under the tree/
i see the girls in the jetta take the keys to their jeep/
and now they're rollin with top off cruisin the street/
With their straps comin off if we look it's a crime/
cuz we know they'll catch us lookin' every single time/
In designer booty shorts as they smile and smooch/
I'm hittin all my main dudes just to tell em the news/
Make a couple phone calls and decide on the spot/
The girls are here in drives herds and flocks/
In the parking lot smile can i take your pic and can i take your hand so we can get in quick/
my cash is high if your looks are right, so here lil mama we gon party tonight/
so many feeling in the air and we just don't care all the fellas runnin circles sayin/


(Verse 2)

i see girls in the waves i see girls on the shore/
later on at the club i'll see them girls on the floor/
girls at the pool girls at the beach girls on the boardwalk buyin sandals for their feet/
Girls in the boats girls on the dock/
when them girls hear the beats i'll see them girls on my yaucht/
here girls take a seat and eat when i buy you a drink you say youre so sweet/
it's a little more fun when we treat em well/
they'll come over in bikini's when its hot as hell/
thats why i love heat and the sunshine/
sun brings out the girls in the summertime/
from california to florida, my sunglasses make ya think that im ignorin ya/
Like im really sittin on the beach starin at the sand, thinkin of my band, what?/

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