Grim The Itchy Trigger Finger Niggas - My Last Request

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Исполнитель: Grim (The Itchy Trigger Finger Niggas)
Название mp3: My Last Request
Длительность песни: 03:02
Добавили: 2015-06-18
Просмотров: 206

Текст песни

(yo yo)
When it comes to statik, I'm givin' motherfuckers ass-kicks - tragic
Science - A magnet the habit - the streets timing
Bring pain and panic - comin' with it - I'm with it
Your life to me - it don't matter - gun clapper - niggaz don't mean shit
I rep raw, rip more, underlord, Up North, resort to bloodsports
Squeeze your head through the cell door
Locked in the ring dark, there's no use to swing hawks
Who goes there? Buck-fifty from ear to ear - I don't care
Fuckin' ruckus in titanium cages, and um -
Success with falling in New York is amazing
Nine Glock cocked - cops? Fuck cops, my block
Execute, rip n tear, prepare electric chair
For the villainous, halfway crooked crimes are silliness
The barrenous with the venomous, tantrums so scandalous
Motherfuckers can't handle - knock them like rambo
Still caged - with strength to go head-up for days nigga

In despair as I'm sittin' in this chair 'bout to die
In jail a long time - no lie - can't cry
A lot of things are runnin' through my mind - mostly crime
My last request be one more chance to say my rhyme

I be the militant mic-master makin' moves to menace
The type of nigga lockin' down buildings to sling to tenants
Who wunt it? I'll buck you from my rooftop - blunted
Simple-minded niggaz is carbon-copies they fronted
You look at me I'll still throw ya - killer iller
Wet ya like you're manta - da blood-spiller distilled chiller
Cold sound cast a spell - livin' well
I guess the fate - carried this weight - for cash n cakes
Illegal criminal, imbeciles vindicated, apprehend -
Illustrated my situation on paper
And let off flexes and letters - it won't get better
When I die I'm'hassle 'em - strapped into money-getter
They spastic, give 'em ass-kicks an' cultural conflicts
Conquer, stomp ya, your crew's a so corn-cobber
Anticipate my revenge, and avenge
And when the power surges my life comes to an end nigga

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