Graham Bonnet - Night Games

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Исполнитель: Graham Bonnet
Название mp3: Night Games
Длительность песни: 04:38
Добавили: 2015-12-12
Просмотров: 354

Текст песни


See the man on the busy street
He's almost incomplete
He takes his pleasure in strange ways
And the lady in the liberty
She's just like you and me
You wouldn't know her at all.
She takes a train up to the great big city
She knocks a door and steps right in
He's just a fool that some would like to pity
They work to out in the house of sin.


Night games, they pay for their
Night games, they work to numbers
They' don't use names it says in the rules
It's strictly for cools to play their night games
They pay for their night games
Always play one last frame
Games of the night.


Every room is a different scene
Every one has a dirrefent dream
They make it anyway they choose
You can get anything you need
Anyone if the price's agreed
And nothing left for you to lose
It's entertainment for the lost and lonely
And cabaret for those who dare
The last attainment of the one and only
It's got to be to get you there.

Chorus & repeat

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