Air Supply - All Out Of Love

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Исполнитель: Air Supply
Название mp3: All Out Of Love
Длительность песни: 04:02
Добавили: 2015-12-07
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Текст песни

Кто знает,тот поймет!

All out of love

I am lying alone with my head on the phone
Thinking of you till it hurts
I know you hurt too but what else can we do
Tormented and torn apart

I wish I could carry your smile and my heart
For times when my life seems so low
It could make me believe what tomorrow could bring
When today doesn't really know, doesn't really know

I 'm all out of love
I 'm so lost without you
I know you were right
Believing for so long
I 'm all out of love
What am I without you
I can be too late
Just say that I was so wrong

I want you to come back to carry me home
Away from this long lonely night
I 'm reaching for you , are you feeling it too
That's the feeling say O so right

And one word you say if I call on you now
Say that I can't hold on
And it's no easy way It gets harder each day
Please love me or I 'll be gone, I 'll be gone


What are you thinking of.....


Клип Баста- I really need you really love you

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