GHOSTEMANE - Heavens Gate Has The Best Punch

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Рейтинг: 0
Исполнитель: GHOSTEMANE
Название mp3: Heavens Gate Has The Best Punch
Длительность песни: 02:18
Добавили: 2015-12-12
Просмотров: 247

Текст песни

So you thinkin you a edgy Mothafucka witcho been trill
No rent to pay and yo granny pay yo phone bill
These Mothafuckas 22 live like they 16
Ain't nothin urban bout a outfitter hypebeast
No identity
Sittin around re-tweetin tweets
From yo favorite rapper you found out about like last week
Keep it trendy like a pussy bitch you oughta be
The schema da posse puttin all yo fans to fuckin sleep

So once you hit 11 likes you a king
Pussy be beggin for you I see
I bet you pick up on my sarcasm so easily
Bury yo head in the ground and then don't come out
Betta sort yo fuckin life out
There's more to life than hittin synthetic drugs till yo lights out
When I was a kid on my bus I got a bible was told to read it
I took it home to my pops He threw it in the trash and yelled don't you even
That begun my life as a heathen
Questioning everythang
Especially trends among other shit keepin the population contained

Shit Don't mean a thang
If you got no money no pussy no weed
Long as you got 11 likes, you won't lose any sleep
Shit Don't mean a thang
If you got no man, no cash Oh well
Long as you got 11 likes you won't hate yo self

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